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  1. You Are
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“You Are” lyrics

You are the Rock of my Salvation
(tu eres mi salvación)spanish
and your the strength of my life
(y la fuerza de mi vida)spanish
Im glad God changed me
I ain’t used to be like this
now everything is spiritual
and I ain’t used to see like this
walking through the valley of the shadow of death I be facing the right, got my back to the left and when its fourth and inches, I let God be the ref
we don’t live by bread alone, so I let God be the chef
on this rock will I stand
Lord, I put my trust in you
In his timing everything is beautiful
without God is like living in a cubicle
they tried to put me in backstage
but God put me in the front page

You are the rock of my salvation
and your the strength of my life
your the blessed hope I search for
Jesus you are
to the street, to the hood God loves everybody
all the nations come together cuz he loves everybody
all God’s people stand up, he loves everybody

verse 1
Your voice and tone is my scripture
I open my eyes to a motion picture
through turmoil and the quicksand of life
you held me high, you gave me life
such a passion of burning love
you held me down your my number one
once was blind now the truth is clear
now my heart is open, I know that your real

verse 2
I feel your presence when the wind blows
cruising through all life obstacle
you look into my eyes and into my soul
Lord, I take a breath and you know that I am yours
you move so peaceful like the ocean rays
constant like a moment, like a palm tree sways
I wanna thank you for your amazing grace with my hands held high, giving you praise

put your hands up
if God’s been good
put your hands up